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Impresive Iranian Cultural Events

By Quayyum Raja, Azad Kashmir

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A nation with self-confidence and historical background does not follow and trail, but lead and contribute in all aspects of life. Iran is one such nation. Dr. Allama Iqbal from Kashmiri background, who was educated both in West and East, wrote poetry both in Urdu and Farsi. He described Kashmir as “IRAN-E-SAGHEER” because of cultural similarity between Iran and Kashmir. Shah Hamdan was the first Iranian, who made huge cultural contributions to Kashmir. He entered Kashmir in 13th century with a large number of companions, who taught shawl making and carpet business which increased the industrial productions thus making a great financial contribution.

The Persian language has influenced the languages not only in East, but West as well. German and English has many Persian words, while Arabic, Urdu and Turkish have close linguistic relationships.

The Iranian Embassy to Pakistan, like many other Iranian embassies in world’s important capitals, is running various cultural centres in Pakistan. The Shah Hamdan seat has also been set up recently in Muzaffarabad, the capital of Azad Jammu Kashmir.  The Iranian Cultural Centre to Islamabad also publishes a Magazine in order to strengthen the cultural relationships between the two countries.  It also organizes different cultural events. One such event was held by the Khana Farang, Rawalpindi, Pakistan on 10th of January to mark the annual anniversary of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), termed “Eid Millad Un Nabi.”  It was attended by a large group of children and adults.

A group of the Quran reciters called “SHAMIM BEHESHT” performed before an enthusiastic audience. The audience was gripped by the spiritual impact of the songs sang in the honour of the Prophet and praise of Allah (SWT). The well-dressed group consisted of four smart young Iranian males, who performed in different languages at the same time. Shamim Behesht is an international Tavashih and Hamkhani group which initiated its activities in Mazandaran, Babol city from 2002. The members of this group formed from student's Koranic Festival in Babol by the afforts of Mr. Ghasemi who is one of sympathetic and grubber Koranic activists and also Dr. Mehdi Shabannia Mansour, a well-known Koran reciter in Babol and Mazandaran province. The success of the group continues due to its spiritual impact and impressive performance.  Our prayers go for them all!

The chief speaker from Iran, Muhammad Akbari spoke on the importance of Millad and Islam and briefly described the historical impact and meaning of the Islamic Movement. He said the basic creed or Kalima was our “Killah” (Fort) under which we can live safely and securely as an Ummah.  He said the Prophet practiced what he preached and that is the way we should live.

Another most interesting aspect of this programme was that it was not one-sided. The audience had also been involved by asking them questions on Islamic History. One such question was the duration of the first Islamic government established by the Prophet in Maddina. We wish Shamim Behesht and their supporters a very good luck for the future!  

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