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Head of The Group:

Dr. Mehdi Shabannia Mansour

+98 912 671 1006

Executive Manager & Spokesman:

Ahmad Rahimifard

+98 911 911 4941



Quayyum Raja
Assalamo alaikum from Kashmir. Hope you have reached home safely. It was great to watch you in Khana-e-Farang, Rawalpindi. Pakistan. I think my previous message has failed to get through. I have written an article on your programme which has been published in many Urdu dailies. I wish to serve islam through my pen and words and hope that your advice and interaction will be helpful good luck.
Reply :
Hello Mr. Raja. Thank you so much brother for your nice comment. Your article will be shown on the website very soon. Shamim Behesht is proud to perform in Pakistan. Keep contacting us!
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